Enjoy the most delicious oriental desserts in Egypt.

A few bites of heaven can change your mood and make you happy. Now and again, we all enjoy satisfying our sweet tooth. Have you tried the oriental desserts of Egypt? Egypt has one of the most delicious cuisines in the world, but we’ll focus on the sweets.

Some of Egypt’s popular and traditional desserts could have come from different places. Oriental desserts are well-known in most Arab countries. You can find different variations of the dish depending on where you are.

The Egyptian touch elevates the desserts in this list to another level. This list contains the best oriental desserts you should try in Egypt.


Basbousa is the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions oriental desserts. Basbousa, an authentic Egyptian dessert that is hard to resist, is a sweet you will never tire of. Semolina cake has a soft texture due to being soaked in syrup. To add sweetness, fresh cream, and mixed nuts are topped with the sugary pieces.


The dessert is the Judge’s food or gourmet el Qady. The reason for this name is unknown, but you won’t care once you try a few of these crunchy balls. Zalabya are small pieces of dough that have been shaped into balls and then fried until golden. After they’re done, they are soaked in honey syrup and sometimes sprinkled with sugar. Nutella is one of the newer flavors, as are Biscotti Lotus or white chocolate.


Oriental desserts may look similar, but their ingredients are the main difference. Harissa, another popular dessert from Egypt, is often mistaken for Basbousa. This is another semolina-based cake that has been soaked in sweetened syrup. It is filled with cream and coconut. Topped with almond nuts, the top has an additional golden accent.

Om Ali/ Umm Ali

Om Ali is a traditional oriental dessert found in all corners of Egypt. The name means Ali’s mother. While there is probably a fascinating story behind its name, let’s concentrate on the delicious ingredients. Om Ali is a bread pudding with milk-sweetened and crunchy ingredients. It has raisins, coconut flakes, and raisins for a nice crunch.


Qatayef is the most famous oriental sweet dish. The perfect balance of firmness and delicacy makes it popular in Egypt and the Arab World. Qatayef, a perfectly folded sweet pastry with cream and nuts as sweet fillings, is popular in Egypt and the Arab World. Nutella, Biscotti Lotus, and other fillings have been added to this delicious pastry.


Kunafa has been a staple dessert in Egypt for many years. This dessert is famous throughout the Middle East and Arab World. This spun pastry is soaked in syrup and paired with various ingredients depending on the region.

It is usually a cheese-based dish, but sometimes it comes with cream and pistachios. Kunafa is more prevalent during Ramadan than in other months. Each year, we see new and exciting variations. We’ve seen kuna fa with Nutella and mangoes.


Kahk, the Egyptian version of cookies. It is a small, round biscuit that’s covered in powdered sugar. It can be filled with nuts such as games, pistachios, or dates. Most often, it’s served plain and topped with a generous amount of powdered sweetener.

Kahk, known as El Eid or the Feast in Arabic, is a popular oriental dessert. This is a celebration of Islam that occurs immediately after Ramadan. Eid El Fitr is the first of two Islamic holidays that mark the end of Ramadan.

Rice Pudding (Roz Bi Laban)

Try this Egyptian classic. It is a popular dessert in many Middle Eastern countries, including Greece and Italy. However, it is most commonly associated with oriental desserts. This creamy dish is made of milk and rice with flavors like vanilla, coconut, cinnamon, and raisins.


Mahalabia, another oriental sweet pudding, is a delicious addition to the list of desserts. There are several different variations depending on the area. This creamy dish in Egypt is made from sweet milk, cornstarch, sugar, and flour. Most commonly, cinnamon or vanilla are used as flavors. Although it may look similar to rice pudding, it does not contain rice. Mahalabia is a Levantine dish with rose water, orange blossom water, and other ingredients.

Baklawa (Baklava)

Baklawa is a traditional oriental dessert that’s eaten in Egypt. Baklawa is the Egyptian version of Baklava, which was brought to Egypt by the Ottoman Empire. This semi-round dessert made from layered filo is soaked in honey and sweet syrup, then stuffed with nuts.

Meshabek (Egyptian Funnel Cake)

The Egyptian version of funnel cake is called Meshabek. It is a dessert from the Oriental region, even though it is popular in Egypt. You can find it in many countries of the Arab World.

The Arabic word “Meshabek” literally means “Tangled,” which explains its shape. The tube-shaped sweet is made of flour, cornstarch, oil, and sugar. Before frying, the ingredients are combined and shaped into a tube.

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